Do you work in tourism, for a tour operator, club, nursing home, coach operator or education council ? Put on an original activity combining nature and culture! Explore Salève and its unobstructed views of Geneva and Lake Geneva. Cable car ride, exhibition, events, restaurants, gift shop, climbing, hiking, paragliding, picnic area… spend a day on Salève !

Groups are welcomed from Monday to Saturday.


  • Discounted tickets
    Return ticket : Adult 16.20 € – Child 5.80 € – Concession 10.80 €     
    Single ticket : Adult 11.70 € – Child 4.50 € – Concession 8.10 €
  • No need to queue, book your time slot on the cable car when you book online    
  • Full access to the exhibition
  • Free entry to the 360° platform
  • Get discounted rates on activities and events

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Booking required! Make the most of your day on Salève and book your trip with our team!

Do you want to know how much it will cost for your group? Create your own quote for free! Enter how many tickets you need and the date you want to come to get your quote by email.

How does it work?
. Create your free online quote
. Send the signed quote + company stamp to at least 10 days before your chosen date
. The cable car team confirm the booking
. A voucher is emailed to your inbox
. Present the voucher at the lower station counter
. Collect the printed tickets and board the cable car

How do you pay for ticket?

The lower station counter accepts:
Cash in Euros (€)
French cheques
French Swiss notes (no coins)

Billing account
Billing accounts enable French and Swiss structures to pay for their order when they receive their invoice. If you would like to use this method, please create your online quote and create your account.

How does it work ?
1. Get your online quote
2. Confirm your booking by email and send the documents required to create your customer account at least 10 days before your visit
3. You will receive your booking confirmation once you have created your customer account
4. You can pay by bank transfer or French cheque on receipt of the invoice at the end of the month.
5. Pick up your tickets from the lower station counter on the day of your visit


Opening times & entry

We have two seasons at Salève cable car: summer and winter.
You can take the bus, train, car etc. to reach the cable car. Our webpage details all available transport methods.

Be prepared

Bring suitable clothing and shoes as it can get chilly at the top of Salève, even in summer !
Bring water (the water at our stations is not suitable for drinking)

2024 : A wide range of catering options

You can visit the restaurant with panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Geneva or the bistro for lunch and indulgent breaks from 2024. There are picnic areas all over Salève for you to enjoy in the meantime.

Stay in touch to find out about restaurant bookings !


Are you a business looking for a unique space for your meetings or team building events ?

Companies can use the conference room run by the restaurateur from 2024. A 100 m2 space suitable for 40 people surrounded by nature. Super-fast Wi-Fi and screen available.

Stay in touch to find out about booking the conference room.


Are you a teacher, director, holiday club leader, youth manager for a council, charity etc.?

In partnership with the Salève Visitor Centre, we provide a range of themed activities designed to tie into the curriculum for French and Swiss French primary schools.