Family workshops


Explore our indoor and outdoor culture and leisure activities for children. We want to help people learn and explore Salève by having fun and doing their bit for our mountain. Whether it be to explore the landscape or Salève’s history, children can boost their creativity, unleash their imagination and make family memories.


  • Discounted rates with your cable car tickets
  • No need to queue, book your ticket online
  • Activities run by Salève professionals
  • Small group workshops so all the children can get involved

July and August events programme!

Workshops in English are indicated in the programme

the nature workshops offered

Chamois and co.

Meet the inhabitants of the Salève on an excursion along the paths near the cable car. This outing gives you the chance to get up close and personal with some of the animals that inhabit the Salève. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot a chamois from the cable car cabin? An indoor and outdoor workshop for all the family!

Learning objectives

Familiarise yourself with the common fauna of mid-mountain areas
Learn about the biology of these species (diet, habitat, reproduction, calls, etc.)
Learn to use a simple identification key/guide
Getting to know chamois, roe deer, red deer and wild boar
Learning while having fun
Spending quality time with the family

Our friends the trees

Explore the fascinating world of trees! Learn how to recognise them, discover their growth, their benefits for our environment, and even their names! Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of trees? Are you interested?

Learning objectives

Understanding the role of trees for the rest of life
Spending quality time with the family in nature
Learning to observe and appreciate trees
Discover the Salève and the area around the cable car (Natura 2000 site)
Being outdoors, in nature


How do human beings get around? Why do I move? What about flora and fauna? We’ll try to answer these questions through fun activities in the countryside near the cable car: seed hunts, team games, etc. Take part in this original experience, exploring the different ways of getting around our region, while having a great time as a family.

Learning objectives

Understanding the importance of wildlife movements
Getting to know the animals of the Salève
Learning while having fun
Spend some quality time with the family in the heart of nature


Children will be encouraged to explore and understand the landscape around them: they will learn to find their bearings, describe and identify the different natural elements. The experience will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between man and his environment.

Workshop objectives

Questioning man’s place in his environment
Describing a landscape
Discover the Salève as a landscape observatory
Discovering the landscape through the senses
Working on the concept of territory


A sensory and artistic experience for all the family! Your children will be able to admire the landscape but also feel, hear, touch and even create it. The activity leader from the Maison du Salève is offering an interactive workshop that will appeal to all the family’s senses. During this hour, the children will create a relief map of the landscape as a souvenir of their visit to the summit of Mont Salève.

Workshop objectives

Take part in an outdoor activity in nature
Discover the Salève landscape through your senses
Learn to use a simple identification key/guide
Producing an evolving artistic creation
Enjoying family time


Workshop duration: 1 hr
Audience: children aged 6-11
Meeting point: upper station, classroom
Capacity: up to 15 children
Prices: free with a valid cable car ticket/15 € without a cable car ticket
Booking: booking required on our website or at the gift shop at least 20 min before the workshop starts

Summer workshops

In partnership with the Salève Visitor Centre
The Salève Visitor Centre is a buzzing cultural hub and the best place to explore Salève. The team will introduce you to all Salève’s secrets with events, guided tours and conferences surrounded by the great outdoors.


  • We recommend arriving 30 minutes before your cable car ride. Collect your tickets from the counter.

    The group leader will be waiting for you in the classroom at the upper station. Your can drop off your bags and start the workshop.

  • The workshops take place indoors and outdoors.

    Please bring water, sunscreen, suitable clothing and shoes based on the site and weather (it can be chilly at the top of Salève!)

    Warning! There is no drinking water at the stations.

  • The workshops are suitable for children aged 6 and over and they must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket throughout the workshop.

  • If it rains, the outdoor activities will be held in the classroom at the upper station. The event will not be cancelled.

  • We are offering two events that are accessible for disabled children’s:
    – “Build tour own Saleve”, which takes place indoors in classroom
    – “The landscape in all its glory”, which takes place on one of our terraces

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