Respect for
a natural area

Responsible Hiking

It’s time to change his habits!

Mont-Salève is a natural place and preserved from mass tourism. There is no piped water, no hotels at the top. We wish you to be part of our goal, preserving our natural and fragile area.

When you come to visit us: If you have a picnic at Mont-Salève, thank you to bring your waste with you.

To make your journey easier, we suggest you pick them up in our bins located in the lower station. Do not throw anything into Nature. This is still a habit from some visitors… Mont-Salève says Thank you !

Be responsible for your waste

If you are in “picnic” mode, thank you for your help making Mont-Salève Clean. Please be responsible for your garbage, do not throw it in the nature.
There are also very few garbage cans at the top. The treatment of waste is rather preferred in lower station.Thank you for your collaboration !

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